The Initial Concept


When we started working with our first client Everyman Racing their customers were having to search for up to 6,000 photos to find images of themselves driving their dream car, especially at the end of a busy day on track. The end result was that customers became tired/bored of looking for their photos and often gave-up before purchasing a fantastic memory of their day.

By quickly analysing the photos which had been taken PhotoWatcher was created to move each customer's photos in to a specific folder which contained the photos of that individual customer.

High Speed

On modern hardware, the processing time of each image is less one second; significantly faster than a human could achieve.

Any Digital Camera

Our solution is camera agnostic; providing the images can be transferred to a PC our software can process them.

Mobile App

Our mobile app, though not essential, can improve the overall functionality of a customised solution.


Whilst the 'Scan App' may be downloaded from the App Store free of charge, it requires communication with the associated desktop ('server') application to serve any meaningful purpose.

Please contact us to discuss your use case, and the pricing associated with the desktop application.

Assuming the device is connected to the internet, you may use the following details to check basic functionality:

IP Address:

Port: 32080.

The standard application generally uses 3 character DataMatrix codes. A couple of examples are shown below and can be generated in numerous ways, including online (e.g.


We love our clients,
And they love us

PhotoWatcher has revolutionised the way in which we are able to show our customers their photos on our events. The solution has dramatically improved both sales of our photography related products and, more importantly, customer satisfaction.

Matthew Woodward

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